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Welcome to Trim Tree Nursery

For twenty years, we at Trim Tree Nursery have grown perennials. Initially, we grew familiar varieties; Aquilegia (better known as Columbine), Iberis (Candytuft), Coreopsis (tickseed) and the always popular Mum (Chrysanthemum, then Dendranthemum, sometimes Leucanthemum and then back to Chrysanthemum). Wholesale customers took to our ‘Hardy Field-Grown Mum” with abandon, while our retail business grew with the addition of display beds, offering other locally grown items, and the creation of a newsletter, “Trim Tree News”. Our attempt to balance both types of growth was very rewarding and strenuous .  

A change came in 2004 when the road improvement of State Route 422 occurred. Our retail customer lost reliable access to our business, and sales plummeted. Our attempt to balance the needs of  both type of customers was very difficult. We changed our focus to wholesale only, with an emphasis on selling to local nurseries and garden centers. Our retail customer could still enjoy new and exciting perennials while our wholesale business could still grow. An informative website (redbarnperennials.com ) was created to offer our expertise in perennials to all our customers, wholesale and retail. Our motto “Grow what we know” didn’t change, but the industry sure did. 

Floriculture was becoming a global industry, big box stores flexing their power by adopting pay-by-scan methods of payment to growers, and the lines between what was considered an annual plant and perennial plant became  blurred. Factors within the industry, along with the housing bubble collapse, screamed “over-supply of product”. Specialty growers became scarce.  

Adapt, or close your doors! 

Trim Tree adapted, partnering with the #1 plant brand to help satisfy our customer’s needs, and diversifying into fundraising, hanging baskets and custom containers. We adapt, but our commitment to perennials has been, and will be, our focus. Currently we carry over 120 varieties of perennials, many familiar and some new. 

Things change. Our spring season will have a few retail weekends offering our full perennial line, surplus annuals and a few surprises. 

We change. If you haven’t been to our website before, welcome! trimtreenursery.com offers many of the same features as Red Barn Perennials, but now is solidified under one name.  

“Like” us on Facebook to stay current with our progress throughout the growing season. We look forward to seeing you!

John Cuccaro


Questions and comments should be directed to  jcuccaro@trimtreenursery.com

We're located on US-422, 5 miles West of Indiana, Pennsylvania, operating out of a big red barn, so we're hard to miss.  Click  here for directions

Wholesale customers can check current Plant Availability by logging in through our Wholesale link.